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crispy bacon

You could chase away a hangover (temporarily) with the “hair of the dog that bit ya,” but some scientists (apparently not cardiologists) suggest another remedy.  The Daily Telegraph reports that a bacon sandwich is just the right elixer to boost amino acids, speed up metabolism, and whet your queasy appetite.  (more…)


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Cooking for one is sometimes an (unexciting) necessity.  To me, it’s much more fun to cook imagining someone else groaning in pleasure after taking a bite.  (Hey, a girl can dream, right? 😉 )  But anyway, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to cook up a big pot of soup or whole roast when there’s just one mouth to feed—my own.   The dish that follows is perfect for small-scale cooking.  It’s quick and tasty, and even slightly redeems itself with the inclusion of roasted Brussel sprouts.

Vegetarians could omit the bacon without sacrificing too much flavor, esp. if the sprouts get nice and toasty.  Just toss in a little Baconnaise or something. (more…)

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Credit: Sara McPherson

What I really want to know is, how would this taste on a BLT?  Or in chocolate mayonnaise cake?

More importantly, what evil genius came up with Baconnaise?  Is he on PD’s payroll?

Bacon psychos fans, you can get a 3-pack via the internet.

Ingredients and nutrition panel after the jump. (more…)

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Martha Stewart takes a lot of flack for pushing all things rich and fattening, but you know, she’s met her match in Paula Deen.  Paula just can’t stop herself: an extra pat of butter here, a hearty dollop of bacon grease there.  And she has a sense of humor—something Martha can only aspire to.  Just check out the mischievous look she flashes at 00:00:14 in this video.  She can barely contain her laughter.  It’s clear she’s up to something very, very naughty.

Credit: Food Network

And is she ever.  It all starts out innocently enough with a chilled tray of macaroni and cheese.  But then Paula pulls out all the stops.  Hey folks, why don’t we dip this here mac in egg and bread crumbs?  And what do you say we deep fry it? I know—let’s be really decadent and wrap it in bacon first, just for the hell of it!

It’s a slippery, lard-greased slope, my friends.  I swear this entire segment must have been the result of a bet.  Paula claims the recipe came in a chance moment of inspiration: “A lot of recipes kind of come to you by accident. . .”  What she fails to mention is that she just won $50 by getting bacon-wrapped, deep fried mac ‘n cheese squares onto national television.  Beat that, Martha!

For some, more is…more.

For the uninitiated: the Red Derby bar here in D.C. serves fried mac ‘n cheese triangles.  Yes, I enjoyed them.  No, I don’t want to talk about it.

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