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That’s desert, not dessert.  Click here (audio) to find out what a “food desert” is. Full transcript here.

Food deserts are something you definitely notice in certain neighborhoods in Washington, DC.  In the past few years, gentrification in Columbia Heights has radically changed the selection in grocery stores and even takeout food.

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Today, I reached sandwich nirvana.  Do you ever eat felafel, those little croquettes made of chickpeas, fava beans, bulgur, parsley, and a medley of savory spices?  They’re often done wrong—restaurants typically pre-fry them in big batches and just reheat as needed.  Not surprisingly, this turns them into overcooked, bland, oil-logged little hockey pucks, tolerable only when drowned in hummus and yogurt sauce.

Thankfully, a new eatery in Adams Morgan, called Shawarma King, has reinvented felafel.  They’re made to order—shaped by hand and quickly deep fried.  Crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, they are fragrant with garlic and enough herbs to turn the insides green. 


The quality of ingredients and the attention to detail at Shwarma King bring it to the next level.  To get started, dress your flatbread-wrapped felafel with assorted homemade toppings at the condiment bar.  My faves were the salty pickled beet/turnip/cabbage slaw and a thick Greek-style yogurt with cucumber and tomatoes.

toppings   topings-bar (more…)

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Washingtonian magazine has released its list of the Top 100 D.C. Restaurants.

Petes Apizza, my local pizzeria, made the cut.  But it turns out, it got the nod mainly out of budget appeal, according to food critic Todd Kliman.  Personally, I find the pizza (by the slice) kind of lacking.  Maybe it’s better made-to-order?

Give me Red Rocks pizza any day instead.

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