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I don’t have much to say about this, except, “Ew!”*


You can read more about “The World’s Perfect Food” at ThinkGeek.   Looks like Baconnaise has some competition.  [Shudder] (more…)

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Credit: Sara McPherson

What I really want to know is, how would this taste on a BLT?  Or in chocolate mayonnaise cake?

More importantly, what evil genius came up with Baconnaise?  Is he on PD’s payroll?

Bacon psychos fans, you can get a 3-pack via the internet.

Ingredients and nutrition panel after the jump. (more…)

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…actually, three:


Here’s a simple, 4-ingredient recipe for succulent jerk pork chops.  If you’re noticing a trend in these recipes, I warned you—I got a lot of pork chops on sale. (more…)

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For some people, it’s gambling, nicotine, even sex (Hello, David Duchovny).


My addiction is a little more benign, but still devastating…at least to fridge space:




I, Christina E. Mason, am addicted to condiments.

So I like a lot of variety.  After this photo was taken, I was officially banned from buying any more.  Usually, I come home with a jar of jam or a new marinade every couple weeks.

This time, I held out for 2 months.  Cost Plus World Market proved to be my undoing.   I caved in and bought a jar of that spicy, lemony Moroccan paste, harissa.

And (cough) three packets of spices.

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