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Happy Inauguration, everyone!

To commemorate this historic day, take a cue from our new Commander-in-Chief, who believes in the audacity of flaky goodness:

In some public appearances, the president-elect has shown a clear interest in pie.

This wonderful credited to Scott Olson/Bloomberg News

If pie’s not your thing (or if you’re less enthused about the regime change), an inaugural cocktail might do the trick.

The Lady Michelle (rum, huckleberries, mint, lime, and raw sugar), #44 (muddled cranberries and house-made triple sec with vodka), and the O’Pama (Absolut mandarin vodka, Grand Marnier, pomegranate liqueur, and lemon-ginger syrup) will all slake your thirst, no matter your party allegiance.  Washingtonian magazine has more.

Pie and alcohol: bringing people together since…forever.

More on Obama’s taste at the Washington Post.

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There are a fair number of places to get a good bang for your buck in Washington, D.C.—if you know where to look and how to order. But close to Dupont Circle and certainly downtown, good, cheap food can be hard to find.

Tourists in town for Obama’s inauguration are likely to be disappointed if they stick to Au Bon Pain or the corner hotdog vendor for inexpensive meals. One can only take so many of our famous halfsmokes or Ben’s Chili Bowl fries. And honestly, even we D.C. residents could use few cheap dining out options in our back pockets.

Well, here’s one:

moules2A “small” portion of mussels at Bistrot du Coin (1738 Connecticut Ave., NW) is, in fact, a heaping pot full of plump, fresh bivalves swimming (OK, hopefully not) in delicious sauce. An order will only set you back $8.95. “Moules Normandes,” dressed in a cream sauce with leeks, celery, diced potatoes, mushrooms, and bacon, are a meal in themselves. Be sure to ask for plenty of du Coin’s chewy baguette to mop up the savory sauce. The dish, washed down with a $4 bottle of Kronenburg 1664 lager, is a great deal.

Other excellent varieties include “Moules Mariniéres” (in white wine with onions, shallots, and parsley) and “La Traditionelle Mouclade des Charentes” (in a light cream sauce with curry).  Plus, it’s just a fun place…so long as you’re laid back about relaxed service.

Photo (which I think pictures the massive “large” portion) credit: Bistrot du Coin.

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