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Brussel sprouts

Credit: allotment.org.uk

My fellow blogger, Eric Hason (of I Am What I Eat) finally relented and gave me his über-simple recipe for brussel sprout salad, pictured here.

1.  Grate raw brussel sprouts
2.  Dress w/ olive oil, lemon juice, S&P,
3.  Grate in lots of Parmesan cheese



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If there is a better way to spend Valentine’s Day than sipping cocktails side-by-side in a secret candlelit bar, I don’t know it.  Especially when some of those drinks involve handmade sour mix and a lovely, not-too-sweet almond liqueur from Portugal:

Ferreira Duque Doirinhaferreira-duque-doirinha

Doirinha is strikingly similar to amaretto, but less cloying and intense.  It makes a perfect sour and would also be good with soda and a generous squeeze of lime juice (my favorite way to drink its sister spirit). 

Online sources list Doirinha at around $12 (far cheaper than Disaronno!).  I’ll have to check whether anyone in D.C. carries it.

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