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The official inaugural luncheon menu (with recipes)

Meh.  I pictured something less stodgy, less bland.  Pheasant?  Apple cake?  I realize there are constraints to catering for a crowd.  But, still…kinda hum-drum.  It would’ve been nice to see some more regional dishes (crabcakes, Maryland fried chicken, Maryland crab soup, etc.), and food that reflects more of the Southern (and other) influences on D.C. cooking. 

Maybe I’m just not in the mood for this stuff.  I have been thinking about frozen pizza for the past hour [blush].  And alright, the lobster stew and the “winter vegetables” sound nice—but since when is asparagus seasonal? 

Besides, where’s the sweet potato pie?

Thanks to LeisureGuy for the menu link.

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ObamaObama was just a few blocks away from my home lunching with the D.C. mayor at Ben’s Chili Bowl!

I’m told that Obama is the second person to ever eat for free at the famous U Sreet landmark.  Guess who was the first?

I guess Obama took Ben’s up on the offer.

Huffington Post has the full story on the president-elect’s visit. 

Scott Sykoff has a nice feature on Ben’s with tons of photos on his blog.

Photo courtesy of AP Photo/Gerald Herbert.  Thanks to CK for the story tip!

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New White House china (per the Washington Post):


The White House Magnolia Residence China Service on display at the White House in Washington, Wednesday, Jan. 7, 2009.


The George W. Bush State State China Service is displayed at the White House in Washington, Wednesday, Jan. 7, 2009.

Credit: AP Photo/Ron Edmonds 

Total cost: $500,000+

Forcing your successor to eat off your plate: priceless

Ok, dinner service selection is probably voluntary (thankfully!).  I wonder if it will ever be fashionable to serve on the George W. Bush china?  Or maybe the Obamas will smash some plates to celebrate—Greek style?

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